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Updated 06/03/2013

Sorry for the lack of recent posts and updates, life has a way of getting in the way of taking care of business sometimes. ;-) I'll try to post more info as I get it while we get under way for the busy build season. If anyone has any haunts, news or other information they want posted here, please shoot me an email at

There are a few haunts being built right now by some of our very talented Florida Haunters! Take some time and peruse the forum for more information for one in your area.




Updated 2/16/2010

The first Make and Take of 2010......

is currently being planned!  Drop by the forum under the Make and Take section and find out more.

HAuNTcon is just around the corner!

Make sure to check out the two threads in the Events section regarding this huge event, and the thread on the Costume Ball in the Costumes and Make-Up section.  For more info on HAuNTcon, please visit the official site:



The Florida Haunters Camping Trip

at beautiful Wekiwa Springs was a success.  Special thanks to CylonFrogQueen and Hamm for coordinating the event.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  Congratulations to our raffle winners, especially Spyder for winning the Budget Bart.  We were glad to see some new faces as well.  For photos from the weekend, please visit the gallery.

Plans for the next gathering are under way.  Visit the forum, in the Make and Take section, for details as they unfold.



Updated Feb 15, 2009

Big thanks to Florida Haunters members CylongFrogQueen and Hamm for graciously hosting our first Make and Take of the year - it was a huge success and everyone had a great time.  Thanks to our Honorary Florida Haunters Brushe and Becky for coming all the way from North Carolina to be with us for the event - you guys are welcome here anytime! 

Pictures can be found in the Gallery.


Updated 7/6/08

The next make and take is planned for July 26th and we're also celebrating our first year anniversary for the Florida Haunters Forum and website!  In addition to making the "Leering" prop, I'm happy to announce that I'm giving away a Bucky in a drawing at the make and take.  We'll also be having drawings for other prizes, such as DryLok, gallon sized glue, and other prop making supplies as well as door prizes for everyone.  This is not a make and take to miss! 

See the Make and take page for further details:

Make and Take Info



Updated 6/21/08

We had our St Augustine gathering last weekend with the Florida Haunters.  Friday night was meet and greet at the hotel - they had a great time and yummy Piña Ghouladas.  Saturday morning, we all met at Crescent Beach under a pavillion for some hanging out time.  Thanks to John (Coda180) and his wife Cathy for being super hosts and for cooking up some really delicious grub!  The beach was really nice that day - good waves, plenty of sun and awesome company!  Saturday night, everyone met up for our Ghost Hunt Tour.  The night was muggy and warm, but it was a good time.  Our tour guide Harry was a really nice man and gave some interesting history talks to us along with fascinating information about paranormal investigation and activity.The whole experience was pretty cool.  We even got to carry EMF detectors, which was kinda neat.  The whole event lasted for almost 3 hours, which was way better than the hour long tours everyone else offered.   All in all a really nice weekend! 

And now, on to the next gathering plans!  The next official make and take will be held in Orange Park (just south of Jax) on July 26.  We'll be making a "leering" prop with Jeff Baird's instructions:  This make and take will be a little more special as we're celebrating the Florida Haunters Forum's first year anniversary!  There will be drawings for prizes with one special drawing for a bigger prize to be announced later, as well as door prizes, so everyone attending will go home with something.  Some special dishes will be served for the occasion too.  I'm really hoping that gas prices don't keep everyone away as this one is not a make and take to miss!



Updated 5/23/08


This past weekend, I hosted a Tombstone Workshop and Cookout at the Dead End for any Florida Haunters that wanted to hang out and share ideas, make some tombstones and eat some grub.  Saturday, one of my friends and fellow Jacksonville Haunters, Johanna, came and hung out for a couple of hours and we talked shop.  She brought a couple of her big tombstones and showed me the woodburning she did on them.  I'd never tried it before on foam, so it was interesting to see how it turned out for her.  We worked on some techniques for a tombstone I started as well.  It's great to finally get to meet her after a few years of being on the Halloween-L together.

Sunday, Coda180 and SpiderFreak came out and we had a blast.  I learned a LOT from that day and we got some non-tombstone stuff in while they were here.  Coda brought some dental alginate and we made some teeth thanks to our lovely assistant Ivy.  We learned about making foam wire cutters and got to try out some as well.  SpiderFreak and I marveled at Coda's cool tombstones and sign, as well as some pretty nifty skull castings and all sorts of neat things that Coda brought for show and tell. 

I never thought about using the pink foam with the white foam to make thicker easier to carve tombstones before.  I'd glued together two pink pieces, but it didn't occur to me to glue pink to the white to get superior carvability with the thickness of the white.  Thanks Coda for the tips!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank BOTH of the Johns for bringing me cool stuff.  Y'all didn't have to do that, and I can guarantee that the Great Stuff, Liquid nails, wire and head will all go to very good use!  I know the cookies did!!  ;-)  You guys ROCK!

We got some work done too along with our goofing off and having fun.  Pictures can be found in the gallery section and a thread on the whole thing is located in the Make and Take section of the Forum.


I think we are all looking forward to our next gathering in St. Augustine!  We have a non-working summer beach gathering for the Florida Haunter Members in St. Augustine for the weekend of June 13-15 scheduled.  We're planning a ghost walk tour for that Saturday evening and a day trip to the beach to hang out. For more information, please visit the forum in the Make and Take section.

We're still trying to get our next make and take planned as well, so check the forum for updates on this as well.  As it stands now, we will be making a "leering" prop.  Date and location are still undetermined, so please visit the Forum a VOTE!


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