Tombstone (and other stuff) Workshop

May 18, 2008

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Mixing the mold stuff   Ivy, our test subjet   Ivy

Ivy taking it out   Ivy putting the tray in   mixing the alginate

   filling the mold   tapping out the bubbles   Ghostess and SpiderFreak

SpiderFreak    SpiderFreak and Coda180   Coda180's work

Hooking up the leads on the foam cutter   Coda180's foam cutter   Coda180's Foam cutter

One of Coda180's papier mache' skull castings   Coda180 tyring to hide   Coda180

Ghostess hard at work   SpiderFreak carving   SpiderFreak's new tombstone

SpiderFreak   SpiderFreak and Coda180   Ghostess' pumpkin

Ghostess' pumpkin