Another great Make and Take!  Thanks to CylonFrogQueen and Hamm for making it all possible! 

Coda and Spyder     Mmm.... Adult Jello!     Ish's Specimen Cups

Brushe's Woodland Fairy     IshWitch, Maureen, Spyder     Spyder's Shiatsu project

IshWitch     Spyder and his      Spyder

CylonFrogQueen, Coda and Hamm     CFQ& Hamm's project and Brushe on the side     IshWitch and Maureen

CFQ and Spyder's project     Coda and his hanging man     Coda's

Hamm, Brushe and Coda     Spyder's RC groundbreaker     Brushe and his pneumatics!

Brushe and his 'gator     Welcome Florida Haunters!  Sign by CFQ     Coda's

Spyder's shirt and CFQ in the background     Our hostess, CylongFrogQueen     Our host and hostess, Hamm and CFQ

Becky's Kahlua jello mold, delicious!

And more photos courtesy Spyder:











More photos courtesy CylonFrogQueen: